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Welcome to Good L.U.C.K.Foundation
(Learning Using Correct Knowledge)
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About Good L.U.C.K. Foundation (Learning Using Correct Knowledge)
Our mission is to successfully prepare students for higher education or post-higher employment that has career building potential. Helping students graduate literate, technologically sophisticated, and possess a strong belief in their own abilities to be excellent.

 Thus providing a nurturing environment that is a safe place and a healthy space to grow. The Good L.U.C.K. Foundation will celebrate and accept diversity, serving students in urban communities where youth are less likely to graduate from high school, achieve literacy, academic success, and secure dependable employment.  
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Our Board Director 

Kym Oglesby - Co-Founder & Board Chairwomen - University of Phoenix

Hassan Shareef - Co- Founder - John Jay College

Dr. Gregory Ladele - Morehouse College, University of NJMD

Holly Peters - University of Michigan

Monique Ladele - LaSalle University

Mitch Monroe - Harvard University

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